Happy October!

Well, to finish up what I started on my last post. I did not get a new car. I was sad.

So instead I got a Honda Ruckus!

My sweet new ride

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It’s pretty dang awesome.

I also went to a wedding.

Wedding! #happilyevererland

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And it was super fun and radical.

I don’t know what else to really say. My life is not exciting these days! I work and work and don’t take pictures of anything (whoops!)

I did just today though buy a new chair and table for my computer in my Craft room. So it’s entirely possible I will be online much more often than I have before. I really want to get back into blogging. It makes me happy!

Until next time!



Well I feel like Summer is officially over. We had a few days of rain and it’s actually cool enough to turn off the A/C and keep the windows open.

You know what that means? I can finally go back into my studio without dying! The place I keep all my crafts and most importantly my COMPUTER.

So time for me to get back into the groove of blogging regularly and finally doing some long term projects.

I’ve been cleaning my room all day, moving around shit that was left in disarray in May and putting a few more things up on the walls. I can’t find my thumb-tacks anywhere and it’s driving me nuts. I’m sure they’ll turn up.

I’m going to a Pirate festival next weekend and I sure can’t wait to have a long weekend filled with accordion, alcohol, and seeing what fun trinkets I can buy and which ones I can sell!

My car took a giant dump last week and I left it abandoned at my Mothers house. Because of this unexpected turn of events it’s occurred to me that it might just be time for me to get my credit in line so I can ACTUALLY get an auto loan. I don’t have bad credit, I just don’t have any. So hopefully it wont be too hard to get going.

For now that’s it! I’m hoping to fandangle a camera in the coming weeks. I sure do miss taking pictures.


Its May and I haven’t updated my blog since February. Well to be fair I haven’t had a lot to update about!

I did just recently sign up for Stitch Fix so I’m sure I will be blogging about that once I received it. Besides that however my life mostly includes work. Actually that’s my whole life. Work work work.

Early Spring?!

It feels like it’s spring already here in the Columbia River Gorge, as well as much of Oregon. I really feel bad for those friends on the east coast.. but I guess that’s why I stay on the west coast!

I’ve been doing tons of gardening. Yesterday I banged out almost the whole western side of the house. I don’t know when the last time someone lived here was. The gardens were atrocious! Two or three layers of dead leaves from bulbs.. So tulips or daffodils. And the roses. Oh jesus, the roses. They haven’t seen a good pruning in a few years I’m sure. I didn’t do anything drastic, but I did trim them up to force them to grow the right way. Not a big cut back, just some thoughtful trimming.

All was going fine and well until I found a mystery bulb. It looks like grass with long thin green leaves.. and then I ripped some up and they had these white bulbs. So I’m like is this fucking wild garlic? Nope. Lemon grass? Nope! It had no smells!! I have no idea what it is so I left it alone. I figure once it starts blossoming I’ll have a better time identifying it.

I should’ve taken pictures, but you know that whole not having a camera thing.

And then I stuck my (gloved) hand in dog shit and I was done. It wasn’t old. We don’t own a dog. The neighbors fenced in their yard so their dog could be let out unattended.

Fuck people who let their dogs poop in other people’s yards. Backyards no less.

Yesterday I also swept and mopped the entire down stairs, dusted from top to bottom, everything was nice and clean. I’m not a big fan of cleaning, but I think spending 3 hours outside in the fresh air and sunshine gave me a spring-cleaning kick in the ass.

Except it’s February. It is not Spring! I don’t get it but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Lots of accordion playing! I recently took another trip down to the Willamette valley to see family and visit and my Aunt sent some more books my way to practice. So new videos of that will be coming soon to my YouTube channel.

I’m finishing up my pair of Jackalopes for my friends birthday in April. They’re watercolor and they’re turning out pretty all right! I’m happy about it.

What else? Well, I got a job offer from a local department store and I took it of course because I want a job. They sent me off Monday to take my UA and they sent me to the wrong place and I almost got lost but I didn’t and then I got hte drug test all taken care. Hahaha. I always worry that I’m going to fail even though I honestly don’t have a reason to worry. What if that one time I was standing next to someone smoking pot and I inhaled it shows up?! Yeah, dumb anxiety.

However, I also just got an email from a local PowerSport shop that I had applied to last month asking me to come in an interview. And I’d much rather work with dirt bikes and a shop than in the retail wasteland known as Big Box Retail. Guess we’ll see what happens.

Small Road Trips and Super Bowl

We made it to the super bowl!! Yayay. Yes, I’m a Seahawks fan.. and I’m stoked. M and I are going to be driving south tomorrow to my Mama’s house so that he can grab his pick-up. We’re going to do Super Bowl at a friends house in Salem and then M is heading home and I’m heading back to Eugene to work on business stuff with my Aunt.

Turns out, my Padre is also going to be coming up this weekend from California! That’s pretty rad and I’m happy about it.

I really need to finish up my Jackalope paintings because I’m going to give them to a friend for her birthday. So I guess that’s probably what I’m doing today. We’ll see!