Small Town Big City

I would like to start this post by saying that I love my small town.

But I sure miss being able to drive two minutes and going to a department store or a mall. It’s not that I’m opposed to small businesses, quite the opposite, but there’s things I want that at this point I have to order online if I want it.

I prefer instant gratification.

It’s raining here. Like crazy a lot raining. The Scoot is parked under a tarp for now but at this rate I’m going to have to winterize her because I’m not riding in the rain. I don’t like slick roads. I do not want to wipe out.

Back to my original subject though.

I miss Sephora store😦😦


I have a room-mate now. Besides Michael. I’ve moved all the instruments out of the music room and up stairs to my craft room. It’s not as though I didn’t have space up here for them. It’s a friend of Michaels and he will be with us for two months.

Through all the holidays.


Vroom Vroooooom

My scooter.

Where do I start?

I love her and I love riding her to work. I don’t love people that drive too close to me, but I love that they cannot mistake me flipping them off and giving them dirt over the shoulder looks.

I love that she’s black and that my helmet is blue. I love that I’m going to get 120 MPG and my tank holds 1.3 gallons.

I love that insurance is super cheap for it.

I wish I could listen to music, but it’s better that I don’t.

Enough about my scooter though. Back to real life.

I’m absolutely struggling to write my Maid of Honor speech. I have started and scrapped every idea I’ve had. It’s go time. I need something. I don’t think my BFF would appreciate it me winging it either. Argh!

I only work two days this week and then it’s off to California. We’re driving. So basically I will be in town long enough for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. Oh well, it is what it is. One of these days I will be able to take a real vacation.

I got new earrings! Pretty silver and mother of pearl plugs. First new “permanent” jewelry I’ve had since 2010.



Well actually it’s TUEEEESSSDDAAAAY.. but at my job it’s my “Monday” as in first day of the work week.

And it was brutal. I was super tired when I woke up but then it was slow and kind of anti-climatic at work. The day definitely drug along the last two hours.

But I haven’t smoked in almost 72 hours so that counts for something, right?

And I want a camera! I’m saving my pennies! There’s a few on my wishlist but man I wish I had one for my trip down to SC at the end of the month for my BFFs wedding.