I’m doing it! I’m being productive. Woo woo..

I mean, for the most part.. as best as I can be productive. Which on my days off is not a lot. I got two gallon zip lock bags full of jewelry sorted, so that was a success. I managed to get most of my clothes put away and the rest in a queue to be washed as opposed to being a big pile on the guest bed.

I’m writing in my blog. So that counts too, yah?

I’ve got a couple of people who want me to build them websites. Nothing big or tricky, as my knowledge is incredibly outdated, but still they want some kind of online presence. Information about their businesses. Considering they’re both independent/single employee/self employed people, it really is just more like a URL business card. I think I can do it and I can always use that scratch.

Today I’ve also dumped about 2000 pictures off of my cell phone and gotten them onto my PC. I may go through and pick a few to put up here, but generally the pics I like the most are getting posted on Instagram anyway.

So on that note, I’d best get off the PC and go finish my productive day.


Another Saturday

And here I am! Writing in my blog. Way to go me. Way to GO.

I worked another long day. Two jobs will do that to a girl. I thought I should take a moment or two to update..

Again, nothing new in my life! Work and work and work and work.. and work and work and work and.. work. Over and over every day! Only two 12 hour days.

I’m dying to start drawing and painting but our new apartment is strictly carpeted and that makes me nervous to get all crazy with the paints.

Tomorrow I will be making a quick three hour drive south to see my mama for Mothers Day! Hoping I skate through P-town traffic, but who knows with it being a ‘holiday’ and all.

I was hoping to head south after my shift at the bar but, I wasn’t able to get out at any realistic time and I just can’t see for shit at night anymore.

So with that being said, I’m going to go back to doing a lot of nothing on my computer.. and just being happy JediNinja is up and running. ❤






I’ve spoken a lot about goals in the last few posts I’ve made. Goals to write more, to lose weight, to do all kinds of things. And guess what? They never get done. That is because I’m shit at goals.

I don’t like goals. Goals are not realistic to me.

I’ve moved, once more, surprise! surprise!, and now I’ve finally set up my PC in a place I may actually use it, so here’s to hoping.

I don’t use instagram half as much as I should and I mostly lurk on facebook. I would honestly like to do more blogging and perhaps I will. I make no promises but the idea is there.

I’m hoping I can start working from home. Doing some fiverr jobs maybe or just finding something a little less stressful that pays a bit more money. One can dream, yeah? yeah.

I just finished reading American Gods for the first time. I was happy though the ending left a bit to be desired.. or maybe I just wanted the book to go on forever. I’m not sure if I liked it but I definitely didn’t dislike it.  It was well written. The point of view was fresh. Fuck the whole universe was fresh and new and unlike anything else I had ever read.

.. I think I just didn’t want it to end.

And with that being said, if some links are down or what have you, please know I’m actively doing some house cleaning. Refreshing links, updating things I haven’t looked at in a really really long time.




Oh Boy

You know I had the best of intentions by stating I was going to post every week.


Hah. Yeah. Ok.


My life is way too dull for that.


Merry christmas fuckers. If anyone honestly reads then please continue.


So christmas!


I finally got a mechanical keyboard. All blanks. Black on Black. This keyboard is sexy. Das Keyboard for sure.

And I got some other fun stuff.


Mostly though my life is the same ol’ same ol’. I have incredibly bad cabin fever. So I’m mostly depressed and i sleep and work but that’s just the nature of the beast.



Gossi— j/k

love you fuckers. -A

Long Overdue

Hello world!

I have decided to make it my goal that I post at least once a week and try to get some life back into my blog. Unfortunately at this point I don’t have my  computer set up so I’m posting on mobile. Therefore you will have to forgive me for any over looked spelling or punctuation errors.

So, what’s new with me? Not terribly much. I’m still working full time as a FYI manager but I have also picked up two shifts a week bartending. That helps give me some fun money.

My birthday is in less than two weeks. It’s hard to believe that I will be 31. Being old is overrated. 

Beyond that Mr and I are getting ready for winter. Enjoying the warm days while we have them and opening the house as much as possible but also preparing our indoor spaces. I haven’t been upstairs painting since last spring. I’m hunting for a cheap but functional desk for my art room as well. We will see how that turns out..

M and I went to a dinner party last night and had a great time with two other couples. A veritable feast of smoked ribs, coleslaw, rolls, cauliflower, baby red potatoes and delicious cider. 

2Towns cider actually. I had the outsider and it was fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that it’s from Corvallis either. 

Mike gave me a birthday present early. A new tablet! Hooray! My life hasn’t been the same since my last tablet bricked last spring. It’s crazy to believe it’s been that long. 

Beyond that I haven’t much to share! I guess we will see what turns up next week.