I wish I had something more interesting to say

But I don’t. My life isn’t very exciting. I’ve been crocheting like a machine as we pull closer to the winter months. My tablet is still out of commission as well as my PC. I live on my cell phone! Can’t update much with that. :(


However, if you follow my Instagram you’ll be able to stay abreast of what I’m up to! I can do that on my cell!


Hopefully I’ll see you all soon. <3 <3


Ever feel like life fucking sucks and it’s constantly trying to bring you down. That’s how I feel. I had made a decision to be proactive and get the fuck out of my rut.

I’m going to be moving into my cousins spare bedroom (tomorrow actually) so I can be closer to town and find a fucking job and quit being a homebody shut in. I spent the weekend at their house baby sitting their children while they went out of town for their 10 year anniversary.

When they got home they invited me (again) to move in and I finally decided, “yes! This is what I’m going to do.”

I get home on Monday and low and behold.. my computer wont start. My specifically my monitor wont receive a signal from my computer. I immediately decided that my monitor must have decided to quit working but today I hooked up my sisters monitor just to be sure.. Well, it didn’t receive a signal either.

So now, I’m thinking my video card quit working. And it’s on board. Fuck you technology.

I obviously do not have the money to dump into a new video card, but it definitely sets me back with writing my ebooks and pursuing teamtreehouse shit.

Argh. It’s just incredibly frustrating. Considering I’m not entirely sure how video cards work, or if that’s even the actual problem, I’m going to try later using an hdmi cable to see if THAT output still works. If it does, then so be it, but if it doesn’t I think that will cement my thoughts of it being my video card.


In other news, I finally got my ipod out of my couch. I’ve taken some pictures, but since my computer isn’t exactly working, I’m not really able to put photos anywhere let alone on my blog. :(

BUT no spiders got me so that was awesome. :)


Here’s to getting all moved safe and sound! Luckily I have a pick up so it wont require more than one trip. I am kind of bummed to be leaving my family though. As much as I love living with them I really do miss having my own space so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Future Plans and the Misplaced iPod

Would it surprise you if I told you that my iPod is still lost in my couch? You see, what happened is that between the backboard and the cushion support on the bottom if you’re sitting on it it creates a gap.. a perfectly sized gap for something small and flat like an iPod touch to slip through. So now, it’s not that my iPod is lost in the cushions, it’s lost in the very very bottom of the couch. I’m going to have to have my sister help me tip it over, then cut the lining and put my hand in an feel around for it.

All I can think of is Temple of Doom when Willie has to save Indiana and it’s the bug tunnel. AGhaghadg;hag

Bug Tunnel!

Bug Tunnel!

Yeah that’s my first gif ever too. But I had to show it! I don’t want to stick my hand in there!!  Unfortunately I have to, I miss instagram, and I miss being able to check my shit while sitting on the couch. Don’t get me wrong – I love my PC – but the hard, wooden, held-together-by-glue-and-was-built-50-fucking-years-ago chair is a little hard on my back. And ass. And legs. And basically my whole body.

Moving on! Now that we’re up to date on whats going on with my iPod it’s time to learn about my latest projects! Maybe I’ll actually finish these!

Just kidding.

Goldie” is still in the works. I haven’t actually done anything to her since I’ve been home but that’s only because I knew there was a big thunderstorm on the horizon and I didn’t want to unwrap her for a day only to have to wrap her back up. It’s not really a one person job. Good thing I decided to wait too, because the one day thunder storm has turned into three days of some pretty serious rain. Yay rain! We need the water, like most of the west coast, I imagine.

My sister has also inspired me to start working on eBooks. I’ve always loved writing and believe it or not, I used to have some skill as well. It’s hard though, I’m incredibly out of practice. It’s almost like blogging has ruined me. No one judges my grammar or my excessive use of commas. Or the fact that I don’t like using action verbs. And my sentences get broken up. And run on. And on. And I start sentences with “and” and put my periods outside of extra punctuation such as quotation marks and brackets! I’m an editors nightmare. Good thing my brother is nice enough to help me. :D Oh and I have PressBooks. THANKS FOR BEING INCREDIBLE WORDPRESS. <3

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND. I’ve been looking into TeamTreeHouse.Com and I recommend you do too! I think it’s something that could be potentially useful to me. I really don’t want to work in retail the rest of my life. So I’m thinking if I take the course on WordPress and maybe even the course on Web Design I may be up to date enough to actually start working freelance. If nothing else, I can do the courses while I work on my eBook. I have nothing but time.

In other news, I need a fucking camera. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Feel free to donate one to the cause!





I’m home from California! My goodness, what a vacation. I got to see all the people I love. Go to amazing parties. AND to top it all off, I drove home a new car. Well, new to me. Newer than Ava (1987 300SDL MB.)


I have no pictures, because I don’t have a camera, and my ipod doesn’t like to charge ever since it’s swim in the ocean. Sorry! :(

The new car which I’m currently referring to as “Pearl” is a 1994 325i BMW. My Father got a killer deal on it. And yeah, turns out I’m spoiled sometimes.

I will take some pictures just as soon as I recover my iPod from under the couch (there’s spiders down there so I’ve been putting it off) and get them up here.

I hope everyone’s having a great summer so far!




Camping in Nehalem Bay Oregon

I’m sure some of you will be glad to know that my iPod made a full recovery while spending it’s time in a pound of white rice. I mean, hell, I know I am. The exterior speaker doesn’t really work anymore and it takes a few minutes to get the charger seated, but I’ll take what I can get. Because my iPod is now working that means I can get my camping trip pictures onto my computer. I didn’t forget that I still need to write about it.


And we’re off!


One our way south we decided to take the very scenic Highway 101. We drove east from Corvallis and then north from Newport. It was a warn sunny day and we took full advantage. It isn’t often that here on the Oregon coast it’s sunny and warm. You usually don’t get both. We drove through many small beach towns and it was really nice to become more familiar with Oregon while going north from Newport.

We really didn’t have any reason to stop prematurely besides the occasional bathroom break so you will have to excuse my lack of photos.

Once we got to the camp we made quick work of setting up. Sort of. Once we unpack the car and open ourselves a few beers we then set up our tent. That went without a hitch, Mike has done this countless times. But then it got to the fire.. Well, at the coast (every coast I’ve ever been to) there’s this huge likelihood of it being windy. Guess what, it was! Incredibly windy. Windy enough to keep blowing out each of the starter fires that Mike made.  So after Mike gives building a fire an honest try I kick him off of fire duty. I already knew I was going to be cooking so there was no point in there being two people hovering over the fire to make sure it’s right. I split more wood and made the best fire EVER.



After I got the fire hot and enough coals I moved on to dinner. My camping dinner included lots of beer, some wine, chicken noodle soup and biscuits made in a frying pan! Everything came out of a can, but I’m still pretty proud of myself for swinging biscuits.. in a frying pan.



In case anyone wants the biscuit recipe its.. one can of biscuits, a bunch (quart stick?) of melted butter. Make sure it gets melted. All the biscuits. Cover with foil. Then you basically poach them. Check the bottom every few minutes. Flip. Cook more. Done when brown on the other side. No raw spots. Also if I have to explain to you how to set up the coals on a fire to cook it you’re on the wrong site.

After replenishing ourselves with soup, biscuits, and beer we decided to make our way to the ocean. It wasn’t far in the sense that it was a long distance away, but we did have to climb over a big soft sand dune which sucked in those flats. I couldn’t find my flip flops in time for camping so I didn’t bring them. I did most of my climbing bare footed.


It was a pretty amazing evening at the shoreline. While it was still really windy, it made for some neat views. Unfortunately we are getting close to the end of our photographic journey.

Right after taking the picture of Mike I decided I wanted to go be in the ocean too! Then my iPod jumped out of my pocket in what I can only imagine was a suicide attempt. I don’t know how Mike saw it fall into the water but he managed to run up and snatch it out of the surf.

After this we went back to camp, drank a bit more beer. The next day our friends from Seattle came down and we spent the second night together doing basically the same thing as the first night. Mike and I ate our left over soup and biscuits. On day three, the morning we were all leaving, I made some delicious breakfast burritos and we all parted ways.

Until next time!


To the Beach!

I went camping at the beach last weekend with Mike and two of our friends from Seattle. The first night we were there I was playing in the surf and my ipod fell out of my pocket and into the ocean. Luckily Mike saw it and was able to find it. It’s now sitting in a bag of rice. I don’t know if it works or not, but I will be turning it on in a few days and seeing how it goes. Hopefully I will be able to use it and recover my pictures. I will save my long camping story until then.


Silver Creek Falls

Mike and I had a very exciting weekend. We decided to take a day trip up to Silver Falls on Saturday. We hiked around and enjoyed the water. I only rolled both of my ankles half a dozen times. At least I wasn’t wearing flip-flops like Mike was!



We’re going to be going camping this weekend on the coast. I’m incredibly happy the weather is finally becoming warm and enjoyable. I love being outside. I’m also still very very stoked about my trip to California at the end of June! More pics to come.



Younique Makeup Review

What a mother fucker.


But wait, that’s just my opinion. Let me convince you.

My sister decided she wanted to try out selling Younique and that was cool. I was excited that I would be able to play with new makeup. I LOVE NEW MAKEUP.

After we both got pretty damn stoked on it she ordered her start up kit for $100 and signed up to be a Independent Younique Presenter. Ok, whatever, every direct sales makeup line has a name for it’s sales team. NEW MAKEUP.

I finally sat down and put it on. On one eye. I wanted to see how it stood up to my beloved Sephora. I have their Color Anthology kit and I fucking love it. It is the meat and potatoes of my makeup collection.

I used a purple. So I picked out from Younique the closest light, medium, and dark purple color to compare it to Sephora. I don’t have color names for either of these, so tough titties. I also used their 3D lashes on one eye, THREE LAYERS, and my revlon photoready and an eyelash curler on the others.

I had to use a ridiculous amount of Younique to actually compare to the richness of ONE SWIPE of my Sephora. Younique is loose powder, Sephora is pressed powder. Also the 3D lashes tried to blind me. I’m pretty sure the “fluff” scratched my eyeball. I’ve been wearing mascara for 16 years, this isn’t my first rodeo.

Please forgive the mixed lighting and quality of photo’s. I used everything at my disposal to give you a first hand look at the comparison.



Can you tell a difference? I can’t. My sister couldn’t. My mother couldn’t. WHERE ARE MY 3D HOOKER EYELASHES?!

I’m pretty disappointed. Especially considering the amount of pigment I had to use from Younique vs Sephora. Younique is supposed to be pigment ONLY, but it went on light and was a pain in my ass to blend. A PAIN. Blending is supposed to be easy and smooth. Especially when you’re paying out the ass for a pot of pigment.

Oh yeah, and the 3D Lashes? It’s not mascara. I still had to use my OWN mascara. It should be an “Eyelash Enhancer.” I guess. It sure as fuck didn’t enhance mine.



Ignore the retarded look. I was trying to show off the eyelid. Also I have bad skin, who knew.

As you can see, it’s pretty fucking comparable.

BUT WAIT. WHATS THIS? The one on the right has a richer color?!

That’s because it’s fucking Sephora.

Mother. Fucking. Sephora.


Look that’s my whole face. I used their blusher for lip color. I mixed it with chapstick. I don’t know, I was experimenting. But there’s the whole look again.


The Younique is on the side my hair is parted, in case you don’t know left from right. Yes, that’s where my saggy eye lid is, get over it.

Moral of the story? Don’t waste your money. Don’t get sucked into their pyramid scheme. Buy Sephora because it’s amazing and fair priced. Or if you’re rich, get MAC. It’s even more awesome.

And worth the money.





When I finally slow down enough to think about it, I really just cannot wait for my vacation to beautiful Santa Cruz.

I will get to see all of my friends who I’ve dearly been missing. Especially my better half, miss Katie.


She’s basically my favorite person in this whole world. Okay, she’s tied with Mike. But it’s close!

I can’t wait for the bonfires, the beach, the parties, the people. Just everything.

It’s going to be glorious.



Have you played it?


I’ve given up on Kerbal Space Program. If I could re-gift it to someone else I would. I can definitely see how it can be fun for some people, but unfortunately I’m not one of them. I will stick to my little simulator/rpg style games. Besides, as my brother so eloquently puts it, the other games I own are just for me to scroll past before I play Terraria. Sadly, that’s true.


That is not the point of this post! I’ve been playing Reus again lately. At first I was a bit put off by the timed session thing, but they have a great tutorial and it’s pretty fun to play. I do get frustrated when I’m SO SO SO FUCKINJG CLOSE to beating a goal and then my dudes to go sleep. I wish there was a button that would give me just a few extra minutes. That would probably take the fun out of it.

If you haven’t played Reus though, I definitely recommend it. It’s a fun God-style simulator. Sort of. If there’s a demo out there, find it, download it. Or watch some video’s. It’s strangely addicting and after 25 hours I’m still finding new things and new ways to play.

Entertainment for 25 hours? Totally worth $9.99 to me. Check it out on Steam!

I really need to start playing some multi-player games. Any recommendations?


Also, I’ve been totally swooning over Dave Thomas. The musician. Who kills it at accordion.



My Poor Sweet Car

Where to begin? I’ve been having some car trouble.. I had to replace a fuel injector, but now more problems are happening. My car is hemorrhaging oil. OIL! This is no good in a diesel. My car also has 456K miles on record. I’ve been delving deep into MB forums that I’ve followed for years hoping those smart folks can help me out. They’ve helped me fix numerous things before but this might be too much. I lost over 2 quarts of oil going a total of 8 miles. That’s no fucking good.

The problem is A) It’s expensive as shit to fix Mercedes and B) I don’t have a bad ass mechanic (nor my Father) here to help me. This car is basically bullet proof though. It’s worth fixing. I could easily get a million miles out of her.

I found a hose that’s bubbling and cracked which I need to replace. I’ve never seen a hose bubble before. It’s got me a bit worried.

Other than that, life is good! I’ve started spending a lot of my spare time helping my Sister work on shoes a bit and have still been looking for a job. It’s kind of hard to look for a job though when your car isn’t working and you live 30 miles away from a bus stop. Brutal.

Hope life is treating all of you well though.

I’ll be happy once this fucking Mercury Retrograde is over.


So my blog was deactivated due to a terms of service violation. I imported my old blog so that I could have ONE GIANT RECORD of my life and it turns out that I had a link that wasn’t ok. But it’s cool, I fixed it and WP staff was prompt and friendly. I was honestly expecting either A) no response or, B) a big fuck you. I got neither!


Also enjoy the archives. That shit is old school.

Same Old, Same Old

You know, I went grocery shopping today and something really pissed me off. Allow me to share.

Soy milk. If I buy a big container it goes bad before I can drink it all. My local grocery store doesn’t carry small single containers. I can buy a four pack for double the price of the big container, but it doesn’t have as much soy milk! Arrrrghhh!

So, that was my big thorn today. Otherwise everything’s fine. I purchases The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve read it before but since the new volume is out I want to re-read it and be super fresh!


I made a few more feather pieces. One with peacock feathers and another with some pretty pheasant feathers and bells. Pics to come.


Work work work!

And not even paid work!

We’ve had a few sunny days here in the Willamette valley and my sister and I used one of them to tear off the paneling on one end of the Nomad. We needed to be able to see all of the water damage that the support beams had. It wasn’t as bad as my imagination lead me to believe but it was considerably worse than what you could see with the paneling up. I mean, it’s so bad that because we removed SOME of the paneling and the dinette it’s caused the trailer to sag. The door will not close completely.

M and I put tarps over both ends to keep water off the leaking windows so that’s helping any further damage from happening but we have to wait until it’s dry to actually start tearing out beams and replacing them with dry beams. It’s not something we want to have to stop in the middle.

I’ve also been playing with my feathers! If you follow my Instagram account you may have seen a couple pictures!


So far I’m pretty happy with my Beta testing of designs. I have a picture of my sister wearing the blue and black one but you will have to search through Instagram for it! So the pheasant feathers I imported from California.. as in my super amazing awesome Aunt sent them to me. She breeds exotic poultry. After receiving them I washed and dried them. The dyed feathers I purchased on Etsy (but I’m not going to tell you where because to be honest I was NOT pleased with my purchase and they’re dicks) and I’m fairly certain these dyed feathers came from a craft company.

They were tricky to make and I’ve never worked with wire before. Either way though for being the first time I’ve done it I’m pretty pleased with myself. I can only get better from here!

I still don’t have a job. Which is actually pretty OK. I am receiving unemployment which is helping pay for gas and other things while I search.

I’ve started dieting again. Except this time it’s not ketogenic. It’s just you know moderation. Go figure. We’ll see how it goes! My weigh in yesterday was 156lbs. Now I just need to hold myself accountable. It’s actually a lot easier with my sister holding me accountable. Hahaha.

Until next time! <3

Manual Labor

I bought a 13 ft 1969 Nomad Golden Falcon Camper Trailer. It needs some work. I got a good deal and the kind gentleman who I’m purchasing it from is being nice enough to deliver it for me, on Tuesday. So what does that mean for Me and Mine? 

It means I’ve spent a lot of time alone. Packing, delivering, returning.. things. To thrift shops, back to their owners, etc etc. It also means that since Tuesday my sister (who is a fucking bad ass) and I have moved 450+ sq ft of Cedar Chips and what felt like half a ton of pea-gravel. We had to move this because where my trailer is going to go at my sisters house was being taken up by these items. I feel fucking ripped. 

I hated it at first. But now, I think I love manual labor. Its not like going to the gym and running on a treadmill. I never go anywhere, I have nothing to look at, I can’t do it. Being a laborer? Totally rewarding. This morning I didn’t even wake up sore, my muscles feel good, and I feel good. I’m making progress.

Then I got back to the apartment and realized I have 11 God-damned days to have this place empty and bleached from head to toe if we want ANY chance of getting our deposit back. 

So what am I doing? Sitting here drinking whiskey, waiting for Mike and his friend Kris to get home, and talking to you.

Thanks blog, and the few people who like my posts, you do help me through the crazy shit I do to myself. 



Operation: High as a F*in Kite

I’m getting a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow. Luckily it’s not technically oral surgery because I had room for it and it’s just like a normal molar. I was prescribed 2mb of Ativan (Lorazepam) to take the night before. I’m also taking Valium, Norco’s, and Penicillin. My doctors were fully aware of all my prescriptions and it’s not going to kill me.. But holy moly. At least I don’t care about having to go to the dentist tomorrow. Shit, I wouldn’t care if a stranger walked into my house. I feel like one of those people on the old PSA commercials that are melted into their sofa’s because they decided to smoke pot.